Highly Keen Completes 3 years in business

Highly Keen completed 3 years of its business on 16th August, 2011. It was founded as an HR Firm in August, 2008 by a team of Young Entrepreneurs who were specialized in HR and founded Highly Keen with a mission to nourish HR as a Professional Field in Pakistan.

In the Initial three years of its Operations Highly Keen has been serving the Corporate Sector & SMEs through its HR Consultancies as well as the Professionals & Individuals through its Certification Courses, Training Workshops, Distance Learning Programs, Conferences & Get-togethers.

Quick Facts about Highly Keen:

  • Founded: 2008Certified
  • Professionals: 142 (In HR, Marketing, Finance, & Communication Courses)
  • Trainees: 1,793Companies
  • Consulted: 27Organizations at Client List: 63