Leading Organizations During Times of Crisis


The crisis are events that occur abruptly and without prior warnings so they possess a great potential of impacting the normal routines and thus they are a real test of leader’s capabilities. Either the leaders identify their hidden talents under the pressures posed by a crisis, or their innate weaknesses get exposed. COVID-19 is such a crisis that has not only impacted the businesses, but it has also greatly disturbed the social patterns, lifestyles, economies, political scenarios and generally everything the world used to consider ‘Normal’ before the pandemic hit in 2019.


In this environment of worldwide crisis, the organizations and eventually the business leaders are at the apex of managing this chaos and leading through it. Here I am discussing some pointers for business leaders to help them lead through the worst of crisis.


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Leading Organizations during Times of Crisis | by: Sara Afzal | Highly Keen – The Management Institute