Family Business Management

Highly Keen provides consulting services to family businesses that want to build, grow and sustain a thriving family business; generation after generation. Family-Owned Businesses (FOBs) present unique challenges to those who own and work for them, raising very familiar sounding questions; like how succession to next generation will be managed? How to take a professional approach in business without losing family spirit and values? What’s the best way to share rewards between family and non-family members? What can be the pros and cons of hiring a CEO from outside the family? How to draw the line between ownership and management? and many more.


Our consultants and coaches at Highly Keen understand the practice, philosophy and sometimes the pains of running a family-owned business from an integrated approach of the family itself, ownership and business dimensions. Through a decade of experience, we’ve helped a broad variety of FOBs to address these and other issues, offering dependable guidance on the aforesaid challenges.


Our family business consulting services address the needs of family businesses including;

Perhaps most important of all, we can help you in transferring to your next generation, not only your family traditions and goodwill, but the relationships and connections that are crucial to the long-term success of your business.