Corporate Training Solutions

Corporate Trainings at Highly Keen aim to address the developmental needs of companies as well as individuals. We ensure a valuable return on investment by focusing on real practical development of trainees, instead of just providing them an opportunity to enjoy a break from work.

Under the umbrella of corporate trainings, we offer In-House & Open Enrollment Training Workshops under following domains;


  • Strategic Planning & KPIs Development of Retail Business
  • Retail Growth through Effective Analysis
  • Retail Sales Champion
  • Retail Management in Fashion Goods


  • Performance Management System
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Training Need Analysis
  • HRM for Line Managers


  • Managing Family Business
  • Family Business Constitution for Sustainability & Growth
  • Mastering the Art of Entrepreneurship


  • Written Business Communication
  • Art of Win-Win Negotiations
  • High Impact Presentation Skills


Managers – to exercise their role in organizations – need a distinctive set of managerial skills. They are responsible to lead operations and staff to achieve departmental goals. People get promoted to managerial roles on basis of their domain knowledge, skills and experience but at this level it is essential to have a blend of both, the people skills and business knowledge. They must know how to effectively manage time, emotions, & staff members and most importantly how to understand the business in perspective of top management.

Highly Keen’s Management Development Program (MDP) provides innovative and practical ideas about different management issues. This program encourages participants not only to think beyond the confines of their own discipline, but also open new horizons of thinking. By the end of program, participants are well prepared to become more effective managers of their departments, and more valuable contributors to their organizations. Click here to View Management Development Program [MDP] – In-House Training Solutions Brochure


With the changing business scenarios every organization needs leaders to run the operations successfully. In order to shape up the regular managers as great leaders, their development is vital, so that these leaders get able to balance much demanding job roles.

For this Highly Keen has designed Leadership Development Program (LDP) for the corporate managers, based on its’ bestselling publication, the book – ‘Chief Leadership Officer’.

The Leadership Development Programs covers following sessions;