Appointment of Highly Keen’s New CEO

Important Announcement: Mr. Jibran Bashir, The current Chief Executive Officer of Highly Keen Management Institute, announces Ms. Sara Afzal as the new CEO. Congratulations and Best Wishes are in order for both.


While making the announcement Mr. Jibran Bashir said; “Change is the Only Constant. The world is operating at a new normal and, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the whole canvas of Corporate and Social lives. This scenario is demanding transformation in many aspects of my professional spectrum. So, now I am going to share my first move.


12 years back, I shifted my career from the HR profession to entrepreneurship and started Highly Keen Management Institute in partnership with Ms. Sara Afzal and with the grace of God, we successfully ran this venture by consulting 140 plus organizations, training 33,000 plus professionals, and coaching 400 plus CEOs. But now it is time for more expansions at national and international levels.


During my entrepreneurial journey, my business partner Ms. Sara Afzal has done a great job and contributed a lot to make Highly Keen a big success through her great efforts. Today, I am pleased to announce her as the new CEO of Highly Keen Management Institute. I wish that under her leadership, the institute will grow more and touch new heights.


What next is coming up from Jibran Bashir, and how his professional initiatives will contribute toward organizations, professionals, and individuals in the coming years? Soon you all will know”.