Our CEO Ms. Sara Afzal at Breast Cancer Awareness Program for TM Group

Chief Executive of Highly Keen Management Institute, Ms. Sara Afzal truly believes that the #change always starts with us as individuals. That’s why as a Consultant and as a Humanitarian, she gives importance to spreading the word about importance of self-care and how it can bring positive changes for the future generations to come. Combined with this objective she makes it a point to be a part of Social Responsibility initiatives lead by Highly Keen’s Clients.

Our Client ‘TM Group’ has always prioritized the well-being of their female employees. In light of #Pinktober, breast cancer awareness sessions were organized by the Client’s Director HR Ms. Anum Mir. Here Ms. Sara Afzal can be seen with the Client’s HR & CSR Team at the breast cancer awareness session organized for female labor workforce. The guest speaker, Dr. Kashifa Ehsan gave an informative session to our audience educating them about methods of self-examination and the benefits of early detection. Ms. Sara Afzal talked about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for women in order to maintain a healthy mind and body.