Mr. Imran Khan, our Lead Consultant, captured during a process mapping visit

Organization Development – Process Interventions

It is imperative for #business #consultants to understand the core processes involved in a business’s operations. When a product, its process, it’s unique selling points and all the pros and cons of the business are well understood by a consultant, only then they can confidently move into the board room and work for #redefining the organizations #systems for better results.

Here’s Mr. Imran Khan, our Lead Consultant, captured during a client facility visit while mapping processes and understanding the product before we move on to the Process transformation Interventions. This Process walk, is the practice of literally walking through a process step by step to study its intricate details, process flow and the ambiguities / glitches in that flow. This walk involves a series of structured, on-site interviews with representative process participants with the goal of gaining a comprehensive understanding of each process.